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Supported by growing competence in major trade integration, investment & operation, and real estate operation, we have effectively integrated in-house resources and offer one-stop integrated service in electronic inion industry.
We boast of rich experience and extensive practices in the electronic inion industry for years. By virtue of powerful trade integration, we’ve distinguished ourselves from our counterparts. On the basis of sophisticated IT and network technologies, we integrate in-house resources in a productive manner with social resources available in all links of the industrial chain, for the purpose of achieving complementary advantages and risk pooling & benefit sharing. In this way, we’ve created a vertical industry-wide service chain integrating product R&D, material purchase, processing & manufacturing, trade & marketing, retailing services and all other links of the industrial chain; furthermore, we implement a horizontal integration of various internal and external resources including industrial parks, commercial premises, investment, finance, logistics and inion, resulting in the combination of various services and business pattern innovation as well as an industrial integration system from both vertical and horizontal aspects of the electronic inion industry. Therefore, we provide one-stop services for customers in the industry and help to enhance profitability and anti-risk capacity so that they can develop a business with core competitiveness. Growing from professional trade service provider to one-stop integrated service provider in electronic inion industry, we are committed to continuously improving our integration of products, technologies, markets, finance, logistics, inion and other commerce elements. In this way, we have combined our major businesses of trade, investment and property management in an organic manner, and finally built a reputed and influential brand well acknowledged in industrial integration service: CES CEIEC, a name symbolizing strength, integrity and profession.


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