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Supported by numerous talents and experience accumulated in over 30 years of practice in international trade, we offer market-guided and customer demand-focused international trade integration service for customers at home and abroad.

●standardization & efficiency: building a modernized management procedures and efficient business operation system in cooperation with famous consulting firms worldwide, for the purpose of guaranteeing that customers' orders are executed in a standardized and efficient manner;
●Unrivaled strength: as a large central government-owned enterprise, we have grown into a powerful and diversified group combining trade integration, investment & operation, and property operation in over 30 years, and we rank among top importers and exporter of machinery & electronic products in China for years in a row;
●Professional perspective: with over 30 years of immersion into electronic inion industry, we have obtained unique and foresighted understanding of product development and industry trend, offering customers with comprehensive industrial consultancy and management consultancy service on trade integration;
●Deep pocket: in virtue of good business reputation and operation results, we have established strategic partnership with many financial institutions and obtained sufficient credit line from banks. In this way, we can provide customers with individual financial services while strictly following the risk control and management principles;
Outstanding reputation: guided by the idea of integrity operation, we abide to all business rules and always deliver our commitment, for the purpose of fulfilling customers' mission as agreed and establishing lasting relationship with customers for mutual development, and finally building excellent word of mouth within the industry.

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